We have three morning services every Sunday, usually led by the same preacher with the same message. The style of each service is distinctly different:

  • our early service starts at 07h00 and aims to be reflective, contemplative, quiet. It may include some liturgy and music is led from the piano and organ. The first and third Sundays of the month are communion services (our other services all have communion only on the first Sunday of the month);
  • a worship team leads our 08h30 contemporary service. Sunday school and youth church run concurrently with this service and we are doing all we can to make this service comfortable and accessible for families with children too young for Sunday School;
  • the 10h00 service is musically led from the organ (drawing on the rich heritage of the Methodist hymnbook) and includes the singing of the Lord's Prayer, Doxology and Benediction;