Gone are the days when you needed to be a member of a church before the minister would conduct your wedding service, or lead a memorial service. In fact, there are no longer any real 'perks' when it comes to membership in the church. And membership is not compulsory - you don't need to be a member to belong to our community - to worship with us or be a part of anything we're doing.

Why become a member of the church, then? Well, membership is for anyone wanting to commit to the journey of becoming a mature follower of Jesus. Our calling as a church is to make mature disciples of Jesus, so if you want to take that step, then we want to help! We believe that a commitment to worship, serve, connect, give and learn will help followers of Jesus to grow and mature as disciples of Christ. And so we aim to provide resources and encouragement to help our members to develop in these areas.


In very practical terms then, to encourage the process of growing in maturity, we invite our people to:

  • worship regularly as a congregation and in private devotions
  • serve in some capacity within the church or wider community
  • connect with others through belonging to a home group / women's group etc
  • give of our time, talents and money in support of the work of God
  • keep learning through reading, studying, participating in courses

We can't think of a better place to be than on this road of growth and discovery - come and join us!