15 January 2012

1. We had a very helpful leaders' meeting this last week, which began with an exercise where your leaders reflected on the strengths of the UMC community and the areas where we would like to see growth. One of the key priorities emerging from this exercise relates to our work with children and teens, and so this morning as our Sunday School starts up again, we want to be praying for our teachers and children, and reflecting on how we can support this ministry and be as welcoming as possible to youth and children in our church.

2. A second key area relates to our church building. There are several issues that need to be addressed creatively and we have appointed a task team to do some work together and report back on the following questions:

We are short of seating space. It's a good problem to have! but how do we address it?
How do we improve visibility within the church so that everyone can see the screen and preacher?
How do we make our sanctuary more friendly to small children and their parents?
Is it feasible to install air-conditioning in the church?
Is our audio-visual equipment adequate at present?
Would it be feasible to establish a church office on the property?

This is just a preliminary exercise – no decisions have been made and you will be kept in the loop! Please pray for wisdom and creativity for this team – we know that these are complex questions that need to be handled carefully.

3. One of my priorities this year is to get to know you and so I'm setting aside time each week to visit families within the congregation. We're going to just be working through the membership list systematically, but if you'd like to jump the queue! and would appreciate a visit, please phone the office and Kym will confirm a time with you. See you soon!


Service date: 
Sunday, January 15, 2012