10 June 2012

Do you know that on an average Sunday we have about 220 people joining in worship here (in one of our three services). I'm still trying to get to know you all, but have some way to go... We're also very aware that many of you don't know each other (even those of you who have been around for decades!). Having a cup of tea or coffee together after the service helps, but our leaders have also talked about the importance of getting together in a relaxed setting where the aim is purely social – a chance to meet people whose faces are familiar, but about whom we know very little. At the start of Lent this year we joined our Anglican friends for a pancake evening and we enjoyed being together so much that they had to chase us out the building at the end of the evening! This coming Saturday you're invited to join us for another social gathering. The SA rugby team is playing England at 5pm on Saturday 16 June and we will set up a data projector in the church hall and watch the game together. Wors rolls and cooldrinks will be available (and you're welcome to bring your own refreshments too, but please note that no alcohol is permitted on the church property). Come and join us. And if rugby is not your thing, come anyway, armed with ideas of what we can do next time we gather like this! Also, a big thank you to all those who've offered to help in so many ways for Saturday. We're looking forward to a great evening together. Michael
Service date: 
Sunday, June 10, 2012